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Our Services

FA (Financial Advisor) Service

Advisory services on domestic and cross-border M&A transactions
 (including Restructuring, Alliance, JV, and capital financing)
Evaluation on transaction structure, and valuation
Process management, analysis, coordination
Financial & business due diligence

Support Services for M&A Strategy

M&A strategy, research on M&A targets
Group restructuring planning
M&A project coordination and implementation support

Support for Integration and Management Post M&A Transaction

Group operational restructuring
Post M&A integration planning and execution support
Provide assistance on resolving operational issues arising
 post M&A transaction.

Valuation Service

Valuation for M&A negotiation, third party opinion
Valuation for accounting purposes (PPA, Impairment test, etc.),
 intangible asset valuation

Financial and Business Consulting Service

Support for strategic analysis and development of prospective business plan
Business portfolio analysis and consulting services
Corporate restructuring consulting services

Support for venture business operation

Provide assistance on preparing prospective business plan and fund-raising
Venture business operational support services