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Thank you very much for visiting the website of ACT Global.

ACT Global is a boutique firm that provides financial advisory services particularly on M&A transactions (such as acquisitions, mergers, capital participation / financing, joint ventures and alliances).

With our extensive expertise in financial and accounting area, we also provide post M&A support as well as valuation services (evaluation of company / business value).

Our proven track records of success in both domestic and international activities, together with our broad network, we are able to assist our clients to achieve their company strategies and create value-adding tactics.

“ACT Global”, represents our mission as a professional advisor;

A Accountability&Accomplishment
C Commitment&Celerity
T Trusted advisor

More specifically,
We advise and support the management of client companies
  to accomplish projects with full accountability.
We fully commit ourselves to our client companies to ensure
  their success and we work with celerity to make our services
  more valuable.
As a result, we have been recognized as a trusted advisor
  by many of our clients.
TO THINK AND ACT GLOBALLY – is the mission of ACT Global.


Hiroki Akiba
Chief Executive Officer